To us the challenges are not new.

Just the way we solve them.

Your Technology Partner

We specialise in developing custom made systems for small to medium size businesses. Whether it's an internal application to empower your workforce or a new client offering, we build custom technology solutions that meet the requirements of your business today & scales as your business grows.

Pioneers of enterprise and mobile computing since 1997, we have been building solutions with multiple form factors connected to backend systems and databases for nearly two decades. We know the challenges many businesses are now facing going digital and adopting smartphone & cloud technology.

Long & Established Track Record

Established in 1997 to provide automated logisitics solutions for warehouse & logistics firms, we have a long track record for successful project delivery & outstanding client service. Having worked with successful enterprises since they were small businesses, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients for the long term.

Speak to us to learn more about how your business could benefit from our technology.

Latest News

  • IDC delivers a custom built data analytics platform for a leading financial institution, providing them with greater control over their data & deeper real-time insights
  • Automated driverless forklifts have arrived. Testing is underway on the warehouse management system which will direct these automated guide vehicles (AGVs) around the warehouse, delivering significant efficiencies for our client
  • From automated guide vehicles (AGVs) to FinTech, IDC has established a FinTech arm following interest from clients in the finance sector
  • IDC helps a bin delivery & maintenance firm win several new big contracts with an industry first mobile solution used to direct & control crews out on the road
  • The warehouse management system is even more scalable after a major upgrade of the underlying database technology
  • Our R&D team creates innovative solution for mobile applications that need to continue operating with no network coverage