Your Technology Partner

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative technoloy solutions for our clients & working closely with them to achieve their long term goals. We have a talented team of multifaceted technologists who are passionate about technology, business and solving complex problems for our clients.

Enterprise & Mobile

Pioneers of enterpise and mobile computing since 1997, we have been building platforms with multiple form factors connected to backend systems and databases for nearly two decades. We can build a wide varity of solutions leveraging the latest internet, smartphone & cloud computing technology available today.

Logistics & Warehouse

Our flagship solution is our integrated warehouse platform, complete with hand-held devices for staff on the floor, connected to a flexible high performance database for real-time data management & reporting.

More recently we have been implementing automated driverless forklifts or automated guide vehicles (AGVs) to deliver further improvements & efficiencies for our clients.

Finance Technology

The financial services industry is experiencing a wave of digital disruption which is reshaping the sector. The increased level of innovation & investment in financial technology, particularly in the lending area has resulted in activity in this field.

Our experience in Finance, Big Data, Digital & Mobile technology has allowed us to support clients during this interesting period.

Startups & Entrepreneurs

We are open to working with Startups & Entrepreneurs who have a heavy reliance on technology or need a highly specialised solution.

Our terms can be flexible and we are willing take on the development costs/risk in exchange for equity.